The Energy of Thoughts and the Modern Society

The Energy of Thoughts and the Modern Society

Every man is busy in his life which is speeding away. To gather more and more luxurious resources which he thinks forms the basis of a joyous and contented life, he is constantly racing. To ensure that his family is happy and prosperous, he immerses himself in work. However, his busy schedule weakens his bond with his family. To save relationships, it is important to invest time; on the other hand, trying to gather sources of luxury also demands time. In such a situation, where must a man’s time be invested? This becomes a huge perplexity. The act of giving time is a rather complicated act that demands the giving away of several other things along with time. The heart, mind and focus are a part of this investment. These three factors create energy at the quantum level and this energy leads us to the accomplishment of goals. This is why, before a person reaches the question of achieving success, a person needs to decide what success means to him? How many dimensions do his desires have? Which of those dimensions are important? And where does he want to invest his energy where is it at its apex? If a man speaks of making his family happy but his actions are focused only on acquiring material objects then his state becomes like that of Trishanku (refer to the myth of Trishanku in Hindu Mythology). The family remains interested only in the material wealth acquired for their happiness and a person’s energy fails to reach the souls of his people. This is because all the energy gets spent on the acquiring of resources. In other words, since we fail to spare time for people who are our own, that relationship is not invested with its required energy. The consequence of this is faced by a person at that age when he needs his people the most. In one’s life, this state can be explained through the scientific concept of Quantum Energy. However, the present education system presents science like a celestial subject that has climbed up the stairs of scientific experiments. In the deficiency of scientific consciousness, where on one hand the river of life is drying, on the other hand, there is a flood in the river of bookish knowledge by the investment of energy on the subjects which deviates science from life.
It is the fashion of the present times to call anyone who talks about pure conduct a Gyaani Baba or saint and bow to them from a distance. However, those who run behind the self-willed formulated concept of success fail to notice that the fragility of the values like honesty, faith and loyalty, are creating hardship for them at every step in their life. More energy is being spent on the questions of doubt, suspicious watchfulness and security. Not only this, but he is also not sure if he must walk carrying these values. This statement, too, has become common- “The era is not fit for doing good to people”. If we observe, values like happiness, peace, power, joy, knowledge and love are primary values. Without these, it is impossible to find a basis for the values like honesty, faith and loyalty to exist in society. Only with the power that the soul gets from these primary values can one create the elements of honesty, faith and loyalty. Observe, how we have begun depending on external sources to attain happiness, peace, power, joy, knowledge and love. They fail to realize that there lies an immortal repository of these elements in the soul itself. The modern man sets the question of the evolution of the soul aside and tries to seek these primary values in the outside world. In his search for these values, he submits himself to the situation without gaining control over the soul. Then, the situation controls his ’Self’. Without learning how to nourish the soul, it is difficult to understand the energy of the element of the self. This lesson was established in ancient India. Today, even in the Quantum Principle, there is a discussion of there being innumerable forms of energy. However, the new generation, through education from school, only familiarises with a limited number of forms of energy and thereby, does not realize that even thoughts are a kind of energy. The human brain is like the RAM of a computer. All negative memories must be deleted from here. This is because such memories confine the energy of thoughts into a boundary and either destroy it or gives rise to negative energy through them. These are, at a psychological level, experienced by us in the form of jealousy, hatred, disgust, etc. For once, if we focus on a negative memory and instantly try to feel its impact on the body, we can realize the impact of the energy of thoughts. Similarly, if we focus on a well-wishing memory and perform the same experiment then we can feel the energizing effect of the energy of thoughts.
The present form of education does not train students to tackle situations. Instead, it talks about being financially dependent after attaining education and calls it a success. Before a person attains financial independence after being educated, he undergoes innumerable phases. He comes into contact with innumerable people, collects innumerable experiences, crashes into innumerable circumstances and undergoes a struggle to keep his mind stable and assured. In this case, sometimes it is his pride and sometimes his values that create a whirlwind. He passes through these storms as well. Unwanted desires make their way from the environment and settle in his mind. He keeps enduring the waves of the fulfilled and unfulfilled desires unless he gets his certificate of being educated. At the soul’s level, a person endures a lot unless he is educated. Without understanding the soul and without being trained to keep it stable and nourished, his tackling of situations with his inherent values consumes him. In the mad rush of circumstances, if values are prepared scientifically through self-education right from childhood instead of preparing them just like that, then positive values can be inculcated into society. However, this training holds the possibility of the creation of a separate curriculum in a scientifically approved manner.
This is a huge complication that man has kept neglecting his energy of thoughts and has only talked about the external sources of energy. In reality, it is such that when he put his ideological energy to use did he unfold the secrets of the energy from external sources. Similarly, there lie innumerable resources in the universe which can be unlocked with the key of this ideological energy. Viewing from this perspective, we can see that the self-ability to produce this ideological energy is one of the greatest gifts from the universe. Every minute, there are about twenty-five to thirty thoughts that are produced within a person. It is therefore easy to assume the number of thoughts that arise in the mind through the day. It is not difficult to guess the amount of energy produced from within a person that gets destroyed in a day if he is unaware of the thoughts generated in his mind. If the training of knowing and controlling the self-energy is provided, then fruitful thoughts can be produced through the day and projected in the desired direction. In this way, the doors to that field may open where the energy of thoughts has been invested. Every individual’s soul is unique and valuable. To learn about the soul, the training of knowing where to invest this energy can lead innumerable people to get a chance to learn about the innumerable truths of the universe. Here, one aspect is worth noting that a decay-free state is the most invigorating state of the soul. The process of consciously perceiving the thoughts produced in the inner mind and identifying negative thoughts and releasing oneself from them is the process of progressively solidifying the soul. From the soul’s point of view, a firm person’s remote does not lie in the hands of circumstances. Instead, he utilizes his right to choose and chooses his mechanism thoughtfully. It is only he who possesses the password to his soul. He does not allow a destructive thought to wander into his soul.
The level of life can be measured using materialistic means in modern society. It is because the inner resources are disrespected that even the people who are of a high standard and financially well-off, find a lack of quality in their lives. Without the knowledge of accomplishing the soul, it is impossible to address the question of improving the quality of life. Today, society is going through such a phase that there is no option of attaining the knowledge of self-evolution. Be it the society or literature, the question of self-deterioration and the troubles of the soul are staring at us. Due to self-deterioration, the roots of cultural damage are penetrating in life and society. Challenging this problem is a huge demand of this era.

Author: Dr. Rakhi Roy Halder
Translator: Harshita Srivastava ( Translated from original text written in Hindi)

Pictures courtsey: Google Images

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