Mahadevi Ki Chintaon Mein Stri
Mahadevi Ki Chintaon Mein Stri, Interdisciplinary Research Oriented Workshop

Venue: Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad
Date: 27 April, 2013
Life Oriented Analysis of Paintings and Poems of Mahadevi Verma

’Bhasha Manch’ (A Unit of the Research Cell of Sodepur Solidarity Society) in collaboration with Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad organized this interdisciplinary research oriented seminar followed by a week long exhibition highlighting the unique philosophy of women empowerment focused in the works of Jnanpith award winner Hindi writer Mahadevi Verma. The programme was designed and coordinated by Dr. Rakhi Roy Halder.

’Bhasha Manch’ under the guidance of Dr. Rakhi Roy Halder since 2011 with a view to inspire and motivate the college and university students to find out such significant values expressed through different art forms which are very much applicable to present day life and society and can bring positive changes formed a team of researchers selecting students from different universities of West Bengal. Research was undertaken on the historical, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of Mahadevi’s works and the outcome of in-depth studies were presented by the researchers through Power Point presentation in the seminar

A documentary on Mahadevi Verma’s life entitled ’Panth Rahney Do Aprichit ’(Let the Path be Unknown) was screened.

In order to present Mahadevi’s unique technique and vision in a comprehensive manner to the public ’Bhasa Manch’ along with seminar organized a week long exhibition on her paintings in collaboration with Chamber of Fine Arts from 28th April to 5th May at the Chamber of Arts auditorium.


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