The nature-controlled phenomenon of thinking, understanding and responding is continuously taking place in humans. It is depended on life energy. Bioscience addresses this issue from technical aspects. Discussion on this issue here gets stuck to the topic of the brain. Even the extensive knowledge about different parts of the human brain couldn’t reveal the fact that where and how feelings get created in humans spontaneously. A single branch of science cannot present the complete knowledge of such a complex natural phenomenon taking place in human beings. This truth could be better understood by an example of a small ant, who cannot grasp the whole image of a person standing just in front of it.

The story of the creation of an image in the human mind starts from photons. The word ’death’ doesn’t create the same feeling like the word ’festival ’. Talking from a literary perspective, every word has a soul. The soul of the two above-mentioned words is different. So they create different feelings. This concept of the soul could be understood through the following lines of Elizabeth Dougherty
“The photons associated with the patterns of the letters hit your retina, and their energy triggers an electrical signal in the light-detecting cells there. That electrical signal propagates like a wave along the long threads called axons that are part of the connections between neurons. When the signal reaches the end of an axon, it causes the release of chemical neurotransmitters into the synapse, a chemical junction between the axon tip and target neurons. A target neuron responds with its electrical signal, which, in turn, spreads to other neurons. Within a few hundred milliseconds, the signal has spread to billions of neurons in several dozen interconnected areas of your brain and you have perceived these words.”1
The words may be related to literature or any other field, the concept of the photon is studied in physics and the concept of neurons is related to neurosciences. These concepts are confined to the compartments of different disciplines. They must be combined to realize the holistic image of the fact that how the human being perceives a word?

Photons play an important role in the thinking and understanding process continuously taking place in human beings. “Photon is a quantum of electromagnetic radiation, usually considered as an elementary particle that is its own antiparticle “2. They couldn’t be seen normally by us. But its existence at the quantum level has the power to transform the culture. This form of energy is different from the nature and definition of energy found in school-level books. In these books, various types of energy are defined as per the results found by observing the experiments done with materials. These definitions could be considered as the materialistic definition of energy. The separation of science from the concept of universal energy has gradually made science materialistic. If science is presented before the new generation from a materialistic perspective then how can an individual realize the existence of that energy that is flowing in the universe as well as in an individual and everywhere outside.
The knowledge about the power of photons can lead to understanding this truth that what type of pictures, environment and music can create what kind of photons? How lack of awareness about photons can bring adverse effects on culture? This lack of awareness will never let an individual visualize the existence of that energy, which is continuously interacting with him in its way and is also affecting his life strongly. Social and cultural awareness based on scientific awareness about universal energy can create an enlightened new generation. This generation can find out scientific ways to boost the energy residing within an individual, which can give birth to positive realities.



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