The life oriented interdisciplinary research programmes organised by Rakhi Roy Halder reveals the need of life oriented education to create self consciousness and social consciousness among new generation. Her programmes challenge the aim of gaining education to acquire degrees and certificates in order to grab high salaried jobs. These programmes emphasizes on the need of creating such generation through education, which could enrich the society by unique and innovative ideas and works. These research programmes are based on the concept of 'Life Oriented Interdisciplinary Research' presented by Rakhi Roy Halder in 35th Indian Social Science Congress. The concept was executed by 'Student Research Team' under the banner of 'Bhasha Manch'. This platform was created by her to introduce the concept of 'Interdisciplinary research oriented seminar' in the field of education. These are the videos of programmes presented by 'Student Research Team' after various research oriented workshops. This team was formed by Rakhi Roy Halder through selection of students from various universities by organizing interactive sessions.