Vartamaan Sandarbh Mein Premchand Ki Kahani
Vartamaan Sandarbh Mein Premchand Ki Kahani – Interdisciplinary Research Oriented Seminar

Date – 1st August 2011
Interdisciplinary Life Oriented Analysis of Premchand’s Short Stories

The seminar was organized on 1st Aug 2011 on the occasion of Premchand Jayanti. The aim of the seminar was to communicate that

1. The literary pieces demands multidisciplinary approach for its interpretation. As the literary pieces are deeply influenced by the circumstances of the society, so the disciplines like History, Sociology, Psychology are needed to be referred to understand the nature of the crisis depicted by the author in a literary piece.

2. Understanding the crisis is not enough for a student of literature rather they should think about the ways to combat the crisis of the society to bring peace.

Dr. Rakhi Roy Halder ( Coordinator and Concept Designer of the Programme) selected the students from Calcutta University, West Bengal State University & Kalyani University for paper presentation by coordinating with the higher authorities of the Universities. The participants were selected through a planned interactive session held in their classroom. The Student Research Team was formed and the students were guided to visualize the stories of Premchand from life oriented perspective to create a vision and own philosophy of life to live a purposeful life.


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