Soundarya Ki Sanskriti Aur Bazaarwad
Soundarya Ki Sanskriti Aur Bazaarwad : Interdisciplinary Research Oriented Seminar followed by Dance Drama

Venue: Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad
Date: 23rd Sept 2014
Life Oriented Discussion on ’Culture of Beauty and Market Hegemony’

On 23 Sept,2014, ‘Bhasha Manch’ (A Unit of the Research Cell of Sodepur Solidarity Society) in collaboration with Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad organized an interdisciplinary research oriented seminar on ‘Culture of Beauty and Market Hegemony’ followed by dance drama ‘Abhigyan Shakuntalam’. The coordinator and concept designer of the programme was Dr. Rakhi Roy Halder. The concept of beauty was deeply associated with nature, justice, humanity, peace and tranquility. The seed of lust, greed, and vulgarity in arena of aesthetic sense of common people has given rise to many crises in society among which vulgar attitude towards woman is one of the burning issues at present. The students of Research Team of ‘Bhasha Manch’ and the students of ‘Solidarity Dance Academy’ through the seminar and the dance drama highlighted the features of healthy aesthetic sense with an aim to provide a vision for making the society a better place to live in.

On 2011 ‘Bhasha Manch’ formed a team of researchers selecting students from different universities of West Bengal with a aim to inspire the college and university students to find out such significant values expressed in different art forms, which are very much applicable to present day life as well as society and can bring positive changes. The research team of students done research under the guidance of experts and identified the cultural factors which are leading to violent attitude towards women.

The outcome of in-depth studies were presented by the researchers through Power Point presentation in the seminar. The programme also highlighted that how art and literature can become instrumental for positive social changes. The objective of the seminar was to give an insight towards a new direction and emphasize on the need of shouldering social responsibility through the expression of art & literature. The programme coordinator Dr Rakhi Roy Haldar deeply feel that students who are pursuing subjects like art and literature can play the role of Social Engineer and Social Doctor in order to bring positive social changes, if they are trained properly. For this purpose education should be imparted from a different angle and the approach should be holistic.


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