The signal is a sign, action, or sound that sends a particular message or shows that something exists.

We are aware of traffic, radio signals, or the signals given by various devices or machines. But we rarely think that the Universe also gives us signals.

Catching and understanding such signs requires a certain consciousness level and clarity of mind. Our senses are generally submerged in the physical world, so the energy world’s signals remain ignorant to us.

Nothing in this Universe happens without reason. Our thoughts have energy and are continuously playing their roles in the making of our life situations. The Universe keeps us giving signals to guide our thoughts.

In this article, I am focusing on the signs that the Universe shows to us in various situations. Many of us often find ourselves stuck in a puzzling situation, confused about the further steps we need to take. Finding ourselves helpless and losing courage are the common outcomes of such cases. But universal energy never leaves us.

It tries to communicate with us through signals, just like a mother who guides her child. She knows the nature and ability of her children and tries to give indications in many ways.

A little knowledge about her methods can give us hope that none of us are alone, and learning to identify those signals and moving ahead with its guidance can provide new momentum to life.


  • Dream (A signal through the unconscious mind)

Our unconscious mind has its root in the deeper level of the Universe, where maybe mind and matter are united, having a connection with the level known as Implicate Order level in quantum science. Quantum science says we live in the ocean of quantum particles. A sea where everything exists together. So, the images we see in dreams may not be visible to us physically, but they may live in space-time which may pop up as reality shortly. All dreams are not of such nature. The dream that leaves a special effect usually carries the signals of the Universe. It may give us an indication to work on the dream by concentrating our thoughts on it. But if we can’t catch the signals, we will fail to identify their specialty. Such a dream will remain only a dream for us.

  • Signs from Birds and Animal kingdom (Signals projecting innate nature and desires)

Many times we can’t understand why we feel restless or tense or confused or timid. These feelings are deeply connected to the more profound nature of our ‘Self.’ When we run away from understanding the deeper needs of our ‘Self,’ the Universe may give us signals through animals and birds. Noticing flocks of birds flying high in the sky might be a sign that we may need to set our spirit free from bindings to realize something different. Every animal has characteristic features resembling our innate qualities. Suppose we continually see a specific animal on those days when we feel some crisis to deal with ourselves. In that case, the animal’s sight may be a signal from the Universe guiding us to reflect on the characteristic feature of the animal and finding a similar quality within us that may have the root of the crisis we are facing while dealing with life situations.

  • Repeated Experiences (Signals of the Universe to go through a specific course of action)

Many times the same thing repeatedly happens to us. We usually take it as a general occurrence. But most of the time, these are apparent signals from the Universe that we need to go through a course of action. Our repeated experiences are guiding us to go through a specific track to learn a soul lesson. Those who can catch it find a way to reach a destination. Many of us visualize it as a coincidence and ignore it.

  •  Numbers Patterns or Sequences (A visual guiding aid of the Universe)

Number patterns, especially repetitive number sequences, often show us a path by giving us eye-opening messages and guiding us. The number patterns like 000, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999 hold hidden messages within them. These number sequences may appear on clocks, bills & vouchers, phone numbers, license plates. But we must know the meanings of these numerical patterns to decode the messages. Studies have been carried out on these numbers by various people. So one may easily find the meaning of these number patterns on the internet.

  • Synchronicity (The Universe’s guidance through situations)

signs the universe is guiding you

Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. Suddenly meeting a person we are thinking about or going through a situation we have already thought of are most often synchronicities, signifying that we are on the right path. The Universe guides us through synchronicities to assure or warn us whether we are on the right track or not. Our experiences create our belief system. If we can sense the synchronicities, we can have a belief system full of positivism. The belief system we develop while walking through life is a socially conditioned belief system that usually restricts our vision and spirit from setting free.

  • Glimpses of words, phrases, or sentences (An attention-catching aid)

Most of the time, the Universe communicates directly through sentences written on a wall or t. shirt of a person passing by us or anywhere. These words, phrases, or sentences give answers to the questions we have in mind at that moment, or it may be a hint to come out of confusion. Sometimes we may see words or phrases in quick succession. Only a conscious mind can catch those signals and figure them out. Those who are not aware of this helping nature of the Universe can pass by them, leaving it unnoticed.

  • Sufferings (Warnings from the Universe)

Pain, illness, and other sufferings may be a warning from the Universe to check our thoughts, actions, and living style. Specifically, those pain or illnesses whose sources remains unknown are likely to fall in the category of universal signals. For example, despite long treatment, some people failed to recover and finally found an effective remedy in a change in their mindset and lifestyle. In such cases, sufferings come as a universal signal that challenges the current lifestyle and demands better life through changes.

  • Piece of Music, Songs, or Lyrics (An emotion touching aid of the Universe)

Our minds have strong bindings with music. Our emotions are deeply connected to it. Universe uses this tool to give us messages for confiding in us. Hearing a song suddenly that connects with the thought we have in our mind, or the sudden emergence of some lines of the song in mind are the Universe’s way to touch our emotions and confine us emotionally to follow a track.

  • Intuition / Instincts (A voice from within)

Our inner voice or intuition often gives us signals. For example, if we feel uneasy in a specific place, it is a caution coming from within to be extra cautious at that moment. Our ‘Self’ is the part of the Universe, and our unconscious mind has a tuning with universal vibrations. Though many of us are not aware of this tuning, it still gives sudden messages. Most of the time, due to the lack of consciousness, we fail to catch it.

  • Unknown words ( A sign to delve deep into something strange)

Sometimes unknown words pop up in our mind, or we can find them written somewhere. They catch our attention immediately, and this thing makes the word unique than any other words we come across in the whole day. It is a sign of being a message sent by the Universe. Paying attention to such words and making efforts to find their meaning can open a new path in life.

  • Scents (An indication sent to physical sense organ)

If any unique, strange, and unusual scent creates an image suddenly in mind, it might be a signal of the Universe giving a message about something or some person having a deep connection with our life. Links with such persons are usually latent, and Universe activates it by meeting the person or going through a situation.

The knowledge of the ways the Universe adapts to communicate with us gives us the strength to swim through such situations when we don’t understand that; what shall be our next step? In such a situation, instead of feeling nervous or alone, we can seek support from the Universe, consciously looking for a signal that can guide us in the right direction.

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